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EPUNTO joins globalise, the global network of market leaders in interim management

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The company becomes the member in Spain of the alliance which is already present in fourteen countries


EPUNTO Interim Management, one of the leading Spanish firms in the provision of Interim management services, joins the globalise alliance, currently the world’s most important network of companies providing this kind of services.


globalise is an international group that brings together the market leaders in interim management in their respective countries. The alliance includes recognized and reputed companies such as VALTUS in France, ATREUS in Germany, ALIUM PARTNERS in the United Kingdom, NORDIC INTERIM in Sweden and Finland, Accord in Belgium, PATINA in the USA or Radialis in Singapore, among others.


With a global network of more than 60,000 experienced C-level and senior managers, the network companies can solve any management challenge or managerial needs in the United States, Latam, Canada, Europe, Asia or Africa. They cover diverse situations such as the unexpected loss or replacement of a senior executive, a major organizational change to be implemented, the opening or development of new businesses as well as major financial management or restructuring projects.


Interim Management is a flexible work modality fully implemented in neighboring countries, which has been growing in Spain in recent years. It comprises the provision of management services during a previously established period of time to satisfy a temporary or extraordinary need in a company. The service is carried out by managers with extensive professional experience who contribute their experience and knowledge.


“EPUNTO’s participation as a member of the globalise alliance will make it possible to meet the managerial talent needs of Spanish companies around the world. Globalized companies face global challenges and we want to help them in their processes. Our incorporation to globalise is a confirmation of a job well done so far and a very powerful reinforcement to continue the growth of our services with a global perspective, ”said Patricio Gil, Managing Partner of Business Development at the firm.


The services provided by EPUNTO are Interim Management and executive services provided by managers for a specified period of time. They have recently also launched the Accelerated Selection, search and hiring of managers for companies quickly, in a few days.

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