The team of professionals of EPUNTO Interim Management® have a high level of qualifications, extensive experience and a successful track record. They belong to the elite of their profession. They have a purely executive profile, oriented towards the resolution of temporary situations with maximum efficiency, and in the shortest possible time.


They adopt a managerial attitude since they join the organization.They assume responsibility until the objectives are achieved.


Because of their proximity to the board of directors, they receive the necessary support to successfullyaddress their mission. With their experience and professional vision, they add value to organizations.


Long trajectory in positions in which they have developed functions of great responsibility, which allows them to be productive and have an impact that is appreciated from the first moment.


An interim manager is not conditioned by the history, politics or culture of the company. It has a global perspective and provides innovative and practical points of view.


In addition to their vocation of service and assumption of challenges, the professional future of interimmanagers depends on their past results, which generates a high level of commitment and professional zeal.


Its directive work can begin in a few days, when the time factor is critical. They act with pragmatism and efficiency, taking control of the situation in the shortest possible time.

Return of investment

The profitability of the interim management services is tangible for the value they bring to the proceedings.