Experts in management teams:

EPUNTO Interim Management® has a solid team of senior professionals with managerial skills, and a minimum of 15 years of success in the performance of their specialties. We permanently identify the best managers available to meet your management needs in any country in the world, especially in Spain andLatin America.We also have an advanced technological platform with which we manage the entire process (selection, projects and services).


  • General Management / CEO.
  • Financial Management /CFO. 
  • Technical Management / CTO / CIO.
  • Commercial Management / Marketing / Communication.
  • Operations Management / COO.
  • Human Resources Management
  • Purchasing management
  • Project management
  • Country Management
  • Senior Advisor


The provision of interim management services (flexible, full-time or part-time management) through a team of professionals that integrate into organizations providing solutions and implementing them quickly and efficiently.


Apply criteria of excellence and efficiency in the performance of entrusted management work, providing experience and capacity for decision making


Seniority, commitment, decisive skills and innovation.

Our guarantees:

Guarantee of permanent interlocution – The partners of EPUNTO Interim Management maintain a constant interlocution with those responsible for the contracting company, to track the service and resolve any incidents that may arise.

Guarantee refocusing of Service  Through this tracking and monitoring can refocus the service at any time, correcting any incidents or deviations, managing the performance of interim manager and adopting the right business decisions, ensuring the highest quality in the fulfillment of the established objectives.

Managerial reinforcement guarantee  If the evolution of the service requires the timely incorporation of other managerial disciplines, the possibility of incorporating a “pool of managers” into the service that meets the new needs is offered.

Seniority, commitment, decisive skills and innovation