Interim Management services

Interim Management services involves the provision of management services for a period of time previously established, to meet a temporary or special need in an organization.The service is carried out by managers with proven experience.

Lifecycle of interim management service

Within the life cycle of a business strategy, interim managers act after consultants, and before permanent managers take over the situation.

5 scenarios – 19 situations

The most propitious situations to hire a interim management service are as follows:

Temporary replacement of a managerial position by:

  • Termination or resignation.
  • Temporary leave. 

(Period until the incorporation of the permanent position)

Management of an organizational change:

  • Merger & Acquisition processes between companies (due diligence, negotiation and executive management).
  • Restructuring of areas, departments, or business units.
  • Business restructuring and turnaround.
  • Professionalization of the family business.
  • Preparation of generational succession and mentoring of junior managers.
  • Execution of cost reduction plans.
  • Execution of digital transformation strategies.
  • Process of cultural transformation or change management.

Management and Development of new businesses:

  • Implementation of strategic and operational plans.
  • Development of new business models.
  • Development of new market niches.
  • Launch of new product or service lines

International scope:

  • Management and development in internationalization processes.
  • Directorate of subsidiaries in overseas markets.
  • Prospecting new markets and launching new businesses.
  • Solutions for critical situations in overseas markets.

Consolidation and professionalization of startups:

  • Executive management of startups and spin offs.