EPUNTO Interim Management

Accelerated recruitment

It is increasingly necessary to move quickly in a fast-paced and changing world. Long terms to cover managerial positions entail serious damages and high costs for the company. Therefore, to respond to the needs arising in companies, a quick, effective and efficient response must be articulated.
For this ACCELERATED RECRUITMENT service, we also rely on managers with extensive and proven functional and sector experience that we have in our candidate platform. After an evaluation process, we present the client with the two best candidates to meet their demand and need. The difference is that they are professionals who join the structure and staff of the company from the first moment.
The advantages we offer with this service are the agility and speed of the selection process (in less than 10 days we can provide suitable profiles), maximum adaptation to the client’s requirements, very tight costs associated with the process and a guarantee of replacement of the manager within a period of up to 6 months from incorporation.