EPUNTO Interim Management

Your company does not stop in the summer, we do not


The management needs of your company do not disappear in the summer. We keep giving you solutions.

End of July, an business man calls us on the phone because he must urgently fill the position of general manager of his company. August 1, service begins.

This is a real case that occurred a few days ago, which demonstrates the “summer paradox”: productive activity is reduced, but the management needs of companies increase or become more remarkable. The 2016 annual accounts have already been presented, and it is time to review the management to see if everything is in order. In many cases, the need for management comes out in the summer.

Our phone is still available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also in July and August, like the rest of the months of the year. You can call us from Spain, from outside Spain, in Spanish and in English.

Or if you prefer, you can send us an email, but there are things that it is better to talk on the phone.

We give solutions.

From Spain: 901 727 727

Outside Spain: +34 911 983 567

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