EPUNTO Interim Management

Directive coverage in transitory situations

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Executive activities in a transitory situation, with rapid and effective start-up, efficient development and orderly completion. Suitable for planned transitions (retirement, temporary leave, …) or not (dismissals, resignations, …).

Specially suitable for the following situations:

  • Quick vacancy solution: interim management service to cover an unexpected or badly planned vacancy (layoffs, accidents , resignations, deaths, dismissals of directors, retirements, etc.) with transition to a permanent solution and orderly exit of the interim manager.
  • Turnaround: restructuring processes or complete regeneration of an organization, for the search of viability or profitability, starting from a complicated or high risk situation. In these cases, a flexible management service through an interim manager can speed up the process and in some cases it is the only solution that avoids definitive failure.
  • Try & hire: hiring a flexible management service to fill a vacant permanent position , which allows to evaluate the suitability of the manager to occupy the position permanently, once the service is finished.
  • Initial country management: the expansion of an organization in international markets requires the assignment of a person in charge of the activities in the destination market. If that person in charge is an interim manager, initially, it allows solving the start-up without displacing the permanent team until the start-up is stabilized.